How to avoid Smoking shatter and the wax

Dabbing is the flash vaporization of the dab, also known as concentrates and high temperatures and it is done through an e-rig, dab rig, or dab pen. We’ll focus on traditional dabbing with dab rigs in this guide.

There’s a bit of a growth curve to dabbing which is why if you’ven’t did it before, it can be helpful to have someone with experience guide you through the process.

Things to consider while dabbing:

  • Dabs are concentrated forms of cannabis. Therefore, you can get a small amount of cannabis to go a very long way–the flower is between 15-25% THC, while Dabs have between 60-90 percent THC.
  • The temperature of the nail is important when dabbing The nail should not be too hot, you’ll scorch Terpenes and trigger a coughing fit.
  • Beware of the hot nail. It’ll be much hotter than an ice bowl or lighter.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is a water pipe used to take in dabs. It resembles the shape of a bong and has a chamber where water is kept to cool the vapor. But unlike a bowl for flowers, as with bongs, a dab tool has a nail that can be used to store concentrates.

What’s the process for a dab rig?

For a dab to be taken, the nail of the dab rig will be heated with a torch and left to cool down to the right temperature. A cannabis concentrate is placed into the nail, and the intense temperature causes it to vaporize. The carb cap is placed on top of the nail, and the dabber takes in the air by controlling the airflow through a carb cap.

Vapor is released through the nail in the main chamber, and is then cool by water before reaching the dabber’s lungs.

How do you make dabs?

Before you start dabbing It is important to remember that concentrated solvents, such as shatter, wax, crumble, jelly, honey, and many others, are made with an organic solvent like butane. This means that these concentrates should be prepared by an authorized technician using the required equipment. They cannot be made at home.

Solvents must be cleansed out of the extraction process so that it is safe to consume. Only a specialist certified in the legal market is able to accomplish this. Incorrect solvent extraction practices could be hazardous and result in the release of hazardous fumes or even explosions.

However, some solventless cannabis dabs can be prepared at home using cannabis flowers and basic household tools.